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Deal or no deal,
are your investments ‘Brexit Proof’ ?

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The Spectrum IFA Group provides specialist financial advice to expatriates across Europe. Our expertise covers Retirement and Pension Planning including QROPS, Life Assurance, Efficient Investing (using Insurance wrappers), Succession and Inheritance Tax Planning, Currency Exchange and much more.

We are here to help

In today’s world of finance one thing is clear, we all have to pay attention to and take great care of our own finances. Spectrum advisers are here to help you, our clients, with the many complex financial and tax issues you are confronted with: retirement and pension planning including QROPS, Life Assurance, efficient investing (using Insurance wrappers), succession and inheritance tax planning, currency exchange and many more. As for most expatriates, these planning issues may exist in more than one country, and we believe working with experienced, qualified, cross border advisers who are themselves expatriates, and therefore facing similar challenges, is really important.

At Spectrum we believe clients should not leave their finances entirely in the hands of a third party, a banker, an investment manager or an adviser.  We want our clients to stay involved and work with us to ensure they continue to prosper. We put an emphasis on continued financial advice and support with some of our clients having worked with their adviser for more than 15 years. Our commitment to long term business relationships allows us to provide advice and reassurance during the inevitable changes in tax rules, movements in exchange rates and markets.