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Ask Amanda in The Deux Sevres Magazine & The Vendee Magazine

By Amanda Johnson
This article is published on: 30th June 2013

Since I started writing in The Deux Sevres Magazine & The Vendee Magazine,  I have met and spoken to many interesting people who have either already made their permanent move to France or are in the final steps of doing so. They have many questions and here are some of those I have answered over the past year:

I have just sold my house in the UK and have some capital, why should I see a Financial Planner?So that all the financial options available to you in France can be explained, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your personal circumstances and aspirations.


I currently spend more time in the UK, why should I see a UK Financial Planner?UK financial rules and regulations differ to France. Talking to an “in-country” specialist & working with a French regulated company will enable you to keep up to date with the current rules relating to your finances and future changes as they arise.


If I need cash at a later date after buying a house here, can I easily release some equity in my French Property? This is a more complicated process than in the UK. The banks look very closely at what your plans for the money are and your personal circumstances. This is especially tricky if you find that your income has reduced since moving to France.


I have made a UK will, is that sufficient in France? If your main residence is in UK, then a UK will be fine. However, if your main residence is in France then it is necessary to make a French will.


If I move to France before retirement age, what happens to my UK Pensions until I am old enough to drawn them? There are many options available to you depending on your personal circumstances and this is an area that the needs looking at very carefully. Being an expatriate does allow you certain flexibility with historic employer pensions.


I have UK investments; can I get tax efficient investments in France? Yes, the French government give allowances to French residents and I can explain these to you, as well as whether the tax status on UK investments has changed with your move.


How much will it cost me to see a Financial Adviser? The Spectrum-IFA Group charges no fee for consultations. We get paid by the companies we deal with. Please ask for a copy of our client charter which explains how we work.


If you have any questions that you feel I may be able to help you with, please “Ask Amanda” and I will call you to discuss your questions and arrange the most appropriate answer.

Article by Amanda Johnson

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