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The Spectrum IFA Group Reviews

We moved to France in 2016 with the expectation that we would have to continue working for the next 10 -15 years until we could access our pensions. After attending a Tour de Finance roadshow this all changed. With advice and guidance from our Spectrum financial advisor we were able to bring all of our private and occupational pensions out of the UK and amalgamate them into two QROPs which meant we were fully in control of our pensions. Using Spectrum’s investment partners we saw our pots grow to such an extent that we were able to fully retire after only 5 years in France. We continue to benefit from Spectrum’s expertise during our regular reviews and it’s good to know that advice is only a call or email away as, and when we might need it. I can wholeheartedly recommend that you take the opportunity to talk to your local Spectrum advisor and see what they can do for you.

Mr S and Ms P, France

Dear Amanda,

Thank you for your prompt and thorough reply.

I am so relieved that the settlement application process is due to go live online in October and that I have all the documentation ready to be uploaded for that process.

I am very impressed by the quality and thoroughness of your advice Amanda and would like to solicit your company’s services to assist in completion of my settlement application process and registration of my company in France as we approach the 31st December deadline.

Furthermore I am looking to sell my property in Australia very shortly with a view to invest in a second home in France. So for me your company could potentially become my “one-stop-shop” for several areas of financial planning in the months ahead.

W.M., France

Jeremy is one of those people you meet that you can immediately trust and you know that his goal is to get the best for you – and that is important when you need to have faith in someone to give you the best advice with regard to your hard-earned savings.

P Loveday, Spain

My husband & I have enjoyed the excellent service of Mr. Jozef Spiteri in setting out our investment plans. His approach was entirely rational starting with the resources available, our risk profile and our life objectives. Jozef is very attentive and service minded and can be recommended.

Lena Perenius, Malta

Looking for a financial advisor on the Costa del Sol, for me, was liking looking in a sea of sharks for a friendly dolphin! But thankfully I found the dolphin in the form of Jeremy Ferguson! Not only does he provide very sound financial advice from years of experience but he also has top notch quality products to see the job through. Added to this he is a very genuine and highly trustworthy person who actually cares about his clients and always follows up on questions raised. He is also very swift to reply to queries. All very rare qualities in the financial services sector these days!

I am so relieved and happy to have found Jeremy and also his network of equally reliable contacts who have helped me in all ways to settle into my new life in the sun!
I couldn’t recommend Jeremy more highly!

Alex, Costa del Sol

I trust this message find you and your family well.

I have taken comfort from reading your regular insightful reports. John Hayward also keeps in touch and I very much appreciate the work you and your team are doing. I realise that valuations are down and dividend may not recover for a while. However, it is reassuring that the losses are being mitigated by your actions. So many thanks, keep up the good work and most importantly, stay safe!

AK, Costa Blanca

Dear Spectrum,
I have had very positive interactions with Mr.Horsfall in the past and thought I would pass on my experience.
During a lifetime of owning and running two diverse companies, I have been used to frequent discourse with bankers, lawyers, accountants and financial advisors at a high level.
I am not known to give recommendations or testimonials gratuitously. However I have no hesitation in listing below some of Mr Gareth Horsfall’ s commendable qualities.

For the sake of brevity, I list my experience, during the past 7+ years :-

(1) A serious professional who has demonstrated openess, honesty, and patience.

(2) A much valued quality of availability and an ability to focus expediently on clients’ individual requirements.

(3) A hard worker and very good listener, who assimulates and resolves concerns in a systematic, professional and personable manner.

Apologies to all, if this sounds like a school report, but I am 100% satisfied.

Mr P.I.H, Italy

Charles was recommended to me a few years ago when my husband died and I needed advice on how to make my savings grow. Charles was brilliant ,he came to my apartment & we discussed various options. I was very pleased with his advice & invested my savings with his firm. My fund has performed well over the years & Charles still helps me with advice, only recently recommending I change part of my fund to a better performing one. He is professional, business-like but very easy to talk to about your money. I thoroughly recommend him to anyone, be it a small investor like myself or one with a larger pot.

S. Greenhalgh, Torrox Costa, Spain

I have known Katriona for several years since the time when she was a Personal Tax Adviser. When she became a Financial Adviser we stayed in touch and she came to visit me. Katriona is always happy to answer any questions I may have in a prompt manner. I asked her for advice as to what area I should invest a sum of money and I was given various options without any pressure.

Ruth B, France

For the last 6 years The Spectrum IFA Group representative John Hayward has managed our investments efficiently giving us a low risk portfolio of 3-4% growth which is compliant with Spanish tax law, and to our wishes. He is honest, trustworthy and keeps abreast of the world financial situation and his personal service to us in financial matters is second to none.

P. & V., Costa Blanca, Spain

I first contacted Alan must be close to 30 years ago, I heard about him from a colleague in The Hague. My need was to search out a mortgage for my recently divorced daughter, he arranged it in no time, making my local Dutch and long term British Bank contacts look somewhat incompetent. From then on, as they say, the rest became history. Alan managed our investments, which were increased by a rather large inheritance. We never had reason to complain about the results, he actually sold funds before markets fell away to protect our portfolio. He knows his business well, so we have benefited from a long and always aggreable experience. I am glad my old colleague passed on Alan’s card.

David Dale, European Space Agency Director (Ret), France

We were told about Graham be a friend and we found him very charming, very professional and thorough. We can only say that we have been delighted with his advice and the work that he has carried out for us and the professional manner in which this was done. We have absolutely no doubt that we are in safe hands and cannot recommend him highly enough.

, Brittany, France

Alan has always listened to our needs rather than pushing products at us, unlike many advisors he has always presented clear competitively priced options in a simple and straightforward way.

Graham Ashton, Lyon, France

We have known Alan for just over a year now, since he advised us to move the British Investments that we have had for some time to Investments that are more tax-efficient in France. We are cautious with our money and have always tended to use do-it-yourself methods for managing our finances. We were therefore not entirely sure about placing ourselves in someone alse’s hands. However, we have absolutely no regrets about using Alan’s services. He explained everything very clearly to us and never pressurised us. He is very friendly and helpful and also super-efficient – the response to an e-mail always arrives within hours. He is happy to travel up to our house in the mountains and this face-to-face contact has made working with Alan a great pleasure.

Chris & Diana Mulcahy, France

My wife and I have been working with Alan Watson of Spectrum IFA Group for a couple of years now. He provides us with financial planning advice and manages some of our investments here in France. We like the fact that Alan is local and therefore is able to travel and we usually are able to meet face to face. He is always quick to respond, and actively keeps us informed on relevant financial information. Alan has many years of experience, and good knowledge of both UK and French financial markets which has helped clarify and simplify things for us. He is a pleasure to work with.

Nick Saw, Chamonix, France

Throughout our discussions your service and attention to detail have been exemplary. The investment options were all very clearly explained and at no point did I feel pressured to make any decision. I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone considering their investments and financial future.

Derek James,

Jonathan Goodman has always been a reliable and totally trustworthy advisor to me. He has always understood my own specific requirements and offered me the best options to fullfill them. He recognises my personal obtuseness, financially speaking, and patiently and charmingly explains the possibilities to me. It is simply a pleasure to meet with him and know that he has my best interests at heart.

, Spain

Thank you very much and pardon the late reply. I’m setting camp in Abu Dhabi and haven’t yet got an Internet connection. It’s all great news. You’ve done an outstanding job and I thank you. I’m looking forward to a meeting with you, so we can discuss this and future investments. I’ll be coming to the island by mid December, I hope. I’ll let you know. Thanks for keeping me posted. It’s wonderful to deal with good professionals like you.


My Spectrum adviser has advised me on many aspects of financial planning, from life insurance through to seeking finance for a business project. At all times he has been thorough, made decisions in my best interests and in tune with my requirements.


I have known this Spectrum IFA Group adviser for 8 years. She is with out doubt the most dedicated, conscientious and knowledgeable financial adviser I have ever met. She applies the same dedication to both small and large investment clients and is a credit to her company and profession.


Whilst at HSBC I presented client seminars with Spectrum advisers in Barcelona. It is clear that they have an excellent relationship with their clients due to their attentive and professional nature. The Barcelona Team has proved to be great ambassador for the Spectrum Group.