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Receiving an inheritance

If you have received or are about to receive an inheritance (also known as a bequest) there are some emotions that, based on my experiences of helping people over some 25 years, are common.

Watch the short video opposite and discover how Barry helped a recent client.

  • A desire to make good use of the money as Mum/Dad/Aunty etc had worked hard to save it in the first place – Guilt/Love
  • I should invest it in a way that Mum/Dad/Aunty would want or approve of – Remembrance
  • I know very little about investing – Fear/Embarrassment/Anxiety
  • I should be very cautious about what I do – Anxiety/ disappointment avoidance

What to do with an inheritance based purely on emotion rarely gives a satisfactory outcome. Especially as these emotions are accompanied at the time by grief.

Here are some articles that will help you make decisions based on a combination of emotions and facts.

The series of articles will be added shortly.

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