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Residency rights in Brexit negotiations examined

By Spectrum IFA
This article is published on: 19th January 2017


Yesterday on 18th January The Exiting the European Union Committee met in the ‘Boothroyd Room’, Portcullis House, London. The committee looks at the rights of EU citizens living in the UK and UK nationals living in EU member states as part of the negotiations for exiting the EU.

Witnesses in attendance included Gareth Horsfall from The Spectrum IFA Group, representing Expats living in Italy.

The Purpose of the session

The questioning focuses on the terms of reference for the inquiry, in addition to:
The concerns of EU citizens currently living in the UK, and UK nationals currently living in the EU
What approach the UK Government should take in the negotiations to safeguard the rights of both EU nationals in the UK and UK nationals resident in the EU
The process for identifying and clarifying the status of EU nationals in the UK

Witnesses in attendance

  • Nicolas Hatton, Founding Co-chair, the3million
  • Anne-Laure Donskoy, Co-chair, the 3million
  • Barbara Drozdowicz, Chief Executive Officer, East European Resource Centre
  • Florina Tudose, Information and Outreach Coordinator, East European Resource Centre
  • Debbie Williams, British citizen resident of Belgium
  • Gareth Horsfall, British citizen resident of Italy (The Spectrum IFA Group)
  • Sue Wilson, British citizen resident of Spain
  • Christopher Chantrey, British citizen resident of France

The session was broadcast on Wednesday 18 January 2017, from the Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House.
The recording can be viewed here

A full commentary from the session can be viewed on the Guardian Newspapers website here

Exiting The EU Select Committee

By Spectrum IFA
This article is published on: 13th January 2017


The Spectrum IFA Group are both proud and honoured that our Rome based Adviser, Mr. Gareth Horsfall, will be one of only 4 UK citizens living in the EU representing UK expatriates at the House of Commons on January 18th 2017. This will be broadcast live and streamed live over the internet between 9am and 12pm GMT.

The “UK Exiting the EU Committee” (consisting of 20 MP’s) is appointed by the House of Commons to examine the expenditure, administration and policy of the Department for Exiting the European Union.

Gareth has been chosen for several reasons:

  • He has been very active in working behind the scenes trying to safeguard the present rights of UK citizens residing in Europe.
  • He provides financial advice to, mostly, British people living in Italy.
  • He is the legal representative of an Italian Ltd Company.
  • His wife and child are both Italian.

So when he was offered the quite daunting invitation to sit before the select committee, he immediately agreed, and will explain the problems that an expatriate, like himself, will face when the UK exits from the EU.

If you are reading this article, Gareth would be more than pleased to hear from you about your particular worries/views about the UK’s departure from the EU and will use whatever information he receives to help him present a strong case for all British Citizens living in Europe.

You can email him at