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Spectrum sponsors 23rd Swiss Classic British Car Show

By Spectrum IFA
This article is published on: 10th October 2014

Sunday 4th October was the 23rd Swiss Classic British Car Show in Morges, on the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

The Spectrum IFA Group has been a proud Main-Sponsor for several years and once again this years’ event was a real success with “shorts and tee-shirts” weather, which invariably seems to be the luck of this event!

Spectrum’s tie-in is partly because its two local advisers, Chris Eaborn and Robbin Davies, live nearby, are of British origin and both love classic cars. Also this is an event that has a huge economic impact on the town which is in the heart of the region where we have many clients.

The show itself was founded and has been run all of its 23 years by Keith Wynn, a British expatriate, and is a non-profit event with sponsorship paying solely for infrastructural costs such as posters and printing.

There is no entry fee whatsoever for exhibitors or visitors and the approximate 1,500 car-entrants come from all over Europe to display British cars and motorbikes over 20 years old (or more recent “special interest vehicles”). There is everything from eccentric enthusiast’s cars to “priceless” classics, all of which are parked unattended along the closed off quays of Morges for the pleasure of the mingling crowds with no problems whatsoever and only the lightest of security needed.

The show attracts around 20,000 visitors and the economic impact on the town through fully booked hotels, restaurants etc. is conservatively estimated at over CHF 1’000’000 of additional revenue.

So, for The Spectrum IFA Group, it is a fantastic opportunity to support one of the best car events in Europe (and arguably the very best featuring British cars!) whilst contributing to an event that has a highly positive economic impact to the area and brings pleasure to thousands.

Chris and Robbin had an excellent day and met many clients and friends who also seemed to have a great time.