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Certainty and Predictability for your Investments

By Jonathan Goodman
This article is published on: 1st December 2014

The PruFund range of funds are designed to spread investment risk by investing in a range of different assets, such as company shares, fixed interest bonds, cash and property – from both the UK and abroad.

Prufunds are managed by Prudential Portfolio Management Group Ltd (PMG), dedicated multi-asset fund managers with a team of over 30 economists, investment strategists, analysts and mathematicians, specialising in different areas of the investment world.

How PMG Manage Your Money

PMG believes that investment success should be built on clear philosophy, demonstrable processes and a team based approach. They believe that this will not only deliver superior returns, but also provide greater continuity and dependability.

They believe in the importance of asset allocation and the key role that multi-asset funds play as an investment solution for many investors. They also believe that asset allocation is a specialist skill which should, to avoid conflicts of interest, exist separately from the other investment activities in any fund.

PMG takes many factors into consideration when managing your money.

They focus on:

  • Minimising reliance on economic forecasting
  • Looking for irrational behaviour
  • Taking a long-term approach
  • Fund management
  • Asset-liability management

PruFund Growth Providing Smoothed Returns

PruFunds offer a unique smoothing process designed to help protect an investment from some of the daily ups and downs associated with direct investments, providing less volatile and more stable returns over the medium to long-term, in line with each fund’s objective and allowable equity parameters.

The Prudential PruFund smoothing process has two elements:

  • Expected Growth Rates (EGR) applicable to each of the funds, normally applied on a daily basis. The EGR is the annualised rate that is normally used to increase the value of your unit price each day, and they are set quarterly by the Prudential Directors having regard to the expected long-term investment return on the underlying assets of the funds.
  • Upwards and downwards pre-defined unit price adjustments are applied in line with fully transparent process requirements.

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Article by Jonathan Goodman

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