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Chris Eaborn

Chris Eaborn

I am a Spectrum adviser, based near Lausanne/Geneva in Switzerland. I sit on the Swiss Board of Givewatts and am very proud of my colleagues’ dedication and commitment to join in this fundraiser and greatly appreciative of the company’s contributions to Givewatts both past and towards this event, and likewise that of our partners.

I’m married to fellow-runner Christine, and have a 17 year old son and 14 year old daughter. I only started running in 2013 for this event but am enjoying it and plan to run a few 10km events in the next year now I have bitten the bug somewhat!

My hobbies are travel, socialising and watching most sports and I enjoy keep-fit and playing football in the Swiss Seniors’ League for my village football team.


30th October – Had planned to run 10k at Lausanne Marathon on Sunday 27th October- unfortunately had flu all week- very frustrated- can’t wait for Nice-Cannes, raring to go!

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