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Craig Reg form Better PhotoCraig Welsh Based in Amsterdam for 7 years now, Craig is originally from Glasgow. Having run 12km on the Dutch coast earlier this year, with a wind chill of -15C, he is looking forward to running in slightly more pleasant conditions.


30th October – Training is going ok, I suppose my anecdote so far was running 7k in the storm force winds of plus 100km/h on Monday as the recent storm hit the Netherlands! That shows determination I suppose!

I was running in the forest so was kind of sheltered from the wind by the trees, although if any of the trees collapsed I might have been in trouble!

The Race is Over

We had a great weekend. The run was tough due to the strong wind but I managed a good time, mostly due to being egged on by my superfit running mate!

Overall it was a pleasure to take part in a great event, in such a beautiful corner of the world, and to raise funds for a great cause.

I’d like to thank everyone who donated (every donation does help) and also those who made such a big effort to organise everything, particularly Mr. Eaborn!

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