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Testimonials for Gareth Horsfall

Employer: United Nations Retiree, Rome.
Type of investor: Cautious.
Requirements: Portfolio Management.
When started working together: 2006

Dear Spectrum,
I have had very positive interactions with Mr.Horsfall in the past and thought I would pass on my experience.

During a lifetime of owning and running two diverse companies, I have been used to frequent discourse with bankers, lawyers, accountants and financial advisors at a high level.

I am not known to give recommendations or testimonials gratuitously. However I have no hesitation in listing below some of Mr Gareth Horsfall’ s commendable qualities.

For the sake of brevity, I list my experience, during the past 7+ years :-

(1) A serious professional who has demonstrated openess, honesty, and patience.

(2) A much valued quality of availability and an ability to focus expediently on clients’ individual requirements.

(3) A hard worker and very good listener, who assimulates and resolves concerns in a systematic, professional and personable manner.

Apologies to all, if this sounds like a school report, but I am 100% satisfied.

Mr P.I.H,

Employer: Retired from United Nations, Rome
Type of investor: Balanced
Requirements: Tax, income and asset management
When started working together: 2006

Having had poor experiences with several financial advisers during my first 14 years living in Italy, it was a great relief to meet Gareth Horsfall in 2006. Gareth reviewed my savings schemes and explained to me how I had been losing out by not frequently monitoring my managed funds and not switching among elements as the markets constantly changed. In short, my savings were suffering from neglect. Gareth proposed some simple adjustments which significantly improved performance. Close monitoring of saving and investment schemes is not something I knew much about or devoted sufficient time or attention to, so I was very grateful to have someone with Gareth’s expertise rescue me from my personal financial bedlam.

During the last seven years Gareth has kept me on the “straight and narrow” as I coasted towards retirement, adjusting investments as necessary and only when I asked, proposing new investment schemes to suit my needs (cautious, but with some return above inflation). I have grown to trust Gareth and greatly respect his knowledge and expertise. He explains things in a very clear and straightforward way, setting forth options and answering queries with patience. This is great for me as a non-expert in deciding how to manage my savings in a productive and tax-efficient way, while trying to minimise risk. I have no hesitation in recommending Gareth to my friends as one of those rare breed of financial advisers who gives sound advice when asked and who does not try to push particular options for his own benefit.

Mr Richard G,

Employer: United Nations retiree, Rome
Type of investor: Cautious
Requirements: Portfolio Management
When started working together: 2006

When I was introduced to Gareth, I had never used a Financial Adviser, despite having been approached by others. They didn’t inspire me at all, whereas I immediately felt at ease with Gareth, sensing I could trust him and his judgment. I didn’t really know how I wanted to invest my savings, and over the course of several meetings, Gareth prompted me into considering what sort of risks I wanted (or didn’t want!) to take. He never minded when I couldn’t remember what he had said at previous meetings, he patiently replied to my often repeated questions, finding simplified ways to explain financial matters that I found difficult to understand. Gareth is always available to meet, even at short notice, and doesn’t even mind filing my investment papers for me!

Having diversified my investments, they haven’t all always gone up, up, up. In fact, one went badly down, but due to Gareth’s prompt action in changing the investment, I have recovered the loss and am now gaining steadily on the new investment.

I have complete faith in Gareth’s abilities and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others who might be thinking about making/starting an investment or planning for the future

Jayne S.,

Employer: Consultant (Ex-NGO, Rome)
Type of investor: Balanced
Requirements: Retirement Planning
When started working together: 2007

I am benefiting from Gareth’s valuable expert advice since March 2007. It is making a positive impact on the management of my financial portfolio, as a newly established independent consultant, with a view to ensuring a private pension plan. I am pleased to recommend his services to any expat out there, who like me, can get easily lost in the turmoil’s of the financial world. Gareth is pro-active in providing advice and inspires confidence.

Brigitte L,

Employer: International Policing, France
Type of investor: Balanced / Aggressive
Requirements: Portfolio Management
When started working together: 2005

I have had the pleasure to call Gareth my financial advisor since 2005. Since our very first meeting Gareth has provided solid advice and a level of service that is a rarity these days. He is very approachable, nothing is ever too much trouble, and no question is ever too stupid for him. His enthusiasm for the domain of finance and wealth management coupled with in depth knowledge and his commitment to stay ahead of the game through continuing education and research sets him apart from others. It is clear that Gareth is in this game for the long term and that is a real bonus for his clients. It is a bonus because it means that Gareth has his clients best interests at heart, and, as in my case, he recommends the most appropriate strategies, products, services and investments that really meet the needs of his clients even when such advice might mean a loss or reduction in commissions or similar remuneration for himself.

Mr Richard R.,

Employer: NGO, Rome
Type of investor: Cautious
Requirements: Retirement Planning
When started working together: 2009

Gareth is knowledgeable about his subject, and able to communicate his knowledge, and his enthusiasm, in an effective way. He is courteous, patient and flexible in his dealings with clients. He is results-oriented and hard-working. It’s been a pleasure working with him.

Mr Luigi G.,