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Name: Graham Thornley
Mobile: +39 3897804171
Office address: Viale Sarca 324, 20124 Milano, Italy
Expat since: Jan 2015
Specialist areas: Tax, investment and Pensions advice for expats in Italy
Family: Married with two children and a wonderful dog
Hobbies: Both my work and family life are interrelated. I am a family man and like to spend time with them, when I am not working and particular going for walks with my wife and dog as it helps me relax.

I like travelling to new places and meeting new people and listening to their stories. I also like playing golf and watching sports.


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I started in Financial Services in 1980 and have held various roles leading up to Sales Manager. I lost my love for the industry around 2000, when the emphasis moved away from helping people, which was the most important aspect to me. I moved into other areas of business, but by 2014 the lure of helping people was too strong and so I moved back into the industry as it had changed back to emphasising helping people.

Lombardia Expat Financial Services
If you live in the Lombardia region, as an expat and have any questions relating to your financial obligations as a resident in Italy, why not drop into one of our Financial Surgeries.