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Do the people you care about know what you have?

With Covid-19, and the imposed lockdowns, has come time to reflect. With the entire house painted, light bulbs replaced, a very fit dog, and a bundle of new recipes, perhaps it is time to focus on what you have and how those you eventually wish to benefit will do so with the least amount of hassle. Far too often I meet people who have recently lost a husband, wife, or even child, and will have enough on their plate with the trauma of it all. They then face a mountain of paperwork with no idea where to start. This is bad enough if the deceased lives in the same country as the surviving spouse or child but it can be a nightmare when a beneficiary in the UK has to deal with an estate of a person in Spain, for example, with different systems and a different language.

To make life easier for all concerned, it is a great idea to list out what you have and who you pay money to. This is likely to be invaluable and save a few growls from those who are left with task of sorting out your affairs. It will also be useful should you lose the ability to handle day to day life. As I say, I see this too much and it can be so frustrating for those concerned. Click on this link to download your copy. It´s an editable document and so you can develop it as you see fit. IMPORTANT_INFORMATION_FOLDER

Making a list might also jog your memory or make you realise you have too much or too little in different accounts.

Of course, I shall be happy to discuss all of this with you.
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