Testimonials for Jonathan Goodman

[lvca_testimonials per_line=”2″][lvca_testimonial]“Thanks for the swift response. Jonathan has been a fantastic support & advisor re our plans & we are eternally grateful for this. The information re these issues on the Internet is misleading hence the concerns with the questions we raise”[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial]“I have dealt with The Spectrum IFA Group for the past 8 years and have always been given sound honest advice which I can understand in layman’s language, not financial jargon. So when I need advice on investments and financial planning that is where I go”.[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial]“Jonathan Goodman and I trained together to be Independent Financial Advisers. After my retirement and 19 years later, I still trust Jonathan to advise me on my investments in the knowledge that his advice is independent, well researched and given with my best interest at heart.
From personal experience I know that sound financial advice is something we all need to engage with, in order to achieve our individual financial goals.
In my opinion The Spectrum IFA Group are advisers in whom we may place our trust and in Jonathan there is no better consultant to review my financial situation and to give me best advice to meet my objectives”.[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial]“Jonathan has always been a reliable and totally trustworthy advisor to me. He has always understood my own specific requirements and offered me the best options to fullfill them. He recognises my personal obtuseness, financially speaking, and patiently and charmingly explains the possibilities to me. It is simply a pleasure to meet with him and know that he has my best interests at heart”.[/lvca_testimonial][/lvca_testimonials]