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Are you thinking about moving to Spain?

But, what do you need to consider if you wish to make a permanent move to and live in Spain?

Whether you are thinking of facilitating the move via the ‘Golden Visa’ or otherwise – there are some important points to consider that could affect your tax, investments, pensions and succession planning.

Perhaps tax is the most important subject to consider; Income Tax, Savings Tax, Wealth Tax and Inheritance or Gift Tax. Which ones will you have to pay and will it be more than in the UK? These are all questions that you need to find the answers to before you make a permanent move to Spain. We work closely with numerous Spain based experts.

UK assets and property
Whether you have an ISA, traditional investments or a property in the UK, planning when to sell or where to pay tax on any gains is vital and could save you thousands. The same could be said for any UK pensions you have, whether they be a personal pension or a company pension. Everyone is in a different position, but irrespective, planning in advance of a move to Spain is essential.

Wills and inheritance planning
After a life of hard work it is only natural that you want your loved ones to receive their rightful inheritance without having to give the taxman his slice. Once again, planning before a permanent move to Spain could save you and your family thousands. Taking professional advice is therefore incredibly important.

Why talk to Spectrum?
Our advisers are licensed and insured in the country in which they operate. The advisers are expats too, so they understand the journey you are embarking on. We have 20 advisers situated across 6 regions in Spain – so we’ve got you covered.

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