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In memory of Paul Bristow

It is with great sadness that we announce the recent passing away of Paul Bristow, a much loved colleague and father of Carina and Peter.
Paul had worked with The Spectrum IFA Group within the Madrid office from its inception.

Paul was a valued colleague within The Spectrum IFA Group and will be sadly missed. In memory of Paul we’ve dedicated a page on our website to his time with us.

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I simply have great memories of a great man. I will miss him dearly.
Jeremy Ferguson, S|E|B Life International

Paul and I were in Spectrum from the beginning at around the same time. He was the one I always looked forward to seeing at conferences for no other reason than he was a great person to be with. He just made you feel good and you just loved his songs. His life was a great one, full of adventure, achievement, talent and romance. He is someone whom we need more of in this world and he will be sorely missed.
Your old buddy
Charles Hutchinson, The Spectrum IFA Group

I have known Paul for the last 4 years and looked forward to see him at the yearly work conferences as well as speaking to him during the year when he had pension cases to discuss. He was always happy to chat and a really nice chap.
Last year he sent me an article that he had written about his life and he sounded like he really enjoyed life and lived it to the full! His singing always ended the Spectrum events on a high and he will be sorely missed.
David O’Donoghue, The Spectrum IFA Group

Sorry to think I won’t see him again but thankful that I had the opportunity to have known him. I always found him good company. It was easy to spend time with him. He was open, honest and he lived his life with music in his heart.
Paul Roberts, The Spectrum IFA Group

I am very honoured to have known Paul for the last 12 years as a colleague and friend. It took little time to appreciate that he was a very special person, and such a valuable member the human race.
Always looking forward to chatting to Paul with great gusto, there must be very few that matched his endearing and kind qualities, truly inspiring to me and all those around him.
Robin Beven, The Spectrum IFA Group

Paul was a good guy. Always taking time to enquire after other people and even when he was unwell I never heard him complain or put his problems ahead of anyone else.
Paul’s sense of humour and mischief was wonderful. Paul often had a quiet demeanor during the time I knew him but then out from behind this persona would pop Paul the mischievous. He was a pleasure to be with and will be missed.
Barry Davys, The Spectrum IFA Group

When I first joined the Company, I saw Paul as an Ambassador for the Spectrum Group. He welcomed everyone in with his friendly open manner and made me feel at home straight away. In addition to his success as an Adviser I soon learnt of his singing skills and that he spent a summer in Mallorca in his earlier days, so we always shared his experiences when we met up on our conferences. I too have his Christmas Album to remember him each year in the run up to our annual conferences where he will be missed most. For those of you who have worked with Paul much longer than myself and for all his clients I’m sure you will miss him greatly but it says a great deal about the Spectrum team for taking on such a great person!
Susan Worthington, The Spectrum IFA Group

Whilst I only worked with Paul for one year it is incredible how much rapport was built up in such a short space of time. From the day I arrived Paul provided the support I needed to settle into working life in Madrid, this was usually over a coffee in Carlos’ cafeteria which I quickly found out was where to find him if he wasn’t in the office. In the office Paul was never short of a conversation and loved to tell stories of previous years, if I had to sum up his past in one word it would be “Fascinating”, although I did need to remind him sometimes that I had work to do………… the normal response to this would be a quick “hand gesture” and then an invitation to go back to Carlos’ for a coffee.
Paul was one of life’s genuine nice guys and I feel privileged to have been able to spend time in his company……….both in the office and the coffee shop!
Chris Webb, The Spectrum IFA Group

A few words about Paul:  It was with much sadness that I heard the news about Paul.  I had known him for 15 years and whilst I only saw him a few times a year, I always looked forward to hearing about his showbiz stories from Las Vegas and of course, hearing his charismatic voice.  A few years ago, Paul gave me his ‘In a Winter Wonderland’ CD – a wonderful selection of festive songs – and I am proud to play it every year on Christmas morning.  I will miss our ‘Spectrum Sinatra’.
Victoria Lewis,The Spectrum IFA Group

Paul was a great guy and will be sadly missed. I knew he was ill but still a shock when he passed away.
I really enjoyed chatting to Paul at the Spectrum conferences over the last few years and he was always interested in how I was doing. He had some great tales to tell. I remember having a coffee with him on the day we left Gleneagles last year, as he was on his way up to Aberdeen to see his daughter. That was the last time I saw him.
He was of course a great singer, but more importantly he was just a really good guy.
Craig Welsh, The Spectrum IFA Group