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Peter Brooke

Pete is a financial adviser for Spectrum and lives in Valbonne, near Nice. He has run the Nice to Cannes relay marathon twice before (stages 5 & 6); He is a keen snowboarder and so tries to keep fit as much as possible… the relay is a perfect way to keep training after long Summers.

He loves what GIVEWATTS stands for in creating a truly sustainable, green way for African children to maintain and build on their education


4th November – I have been putting in some good training with a few 8km and one 10km run around the hills and woods of Valbonne. Then just before half term (when I had a load of runs planned) I started with what I thought was the flu…. turns out it is actually shingles and has got worse and worse. I’m taking the medicines and am desperate to be well enough to do the first stage on Sunday; everyone has been so generous with their donations so far that I want to do my bit… fingers crossed it will all be ok

The Race is Over

We had a great time on Sunday 10th – I did indeed manage to run, but unfortunately only did the 3km part with my colleague Anne; it was really fun to be involved in the day, I felt ok (lots of pain killers helped) and we had a great time afterwards in Cannes catching up with everyone’s stories of the day and watching the runners completing the (very windy) run.

We are already planning for next year when I think we will put together an ‘elite’ team to try and get a very good time and one or two other teams running more for fun. Fingers crossed we’ll all be well enough to do it.

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