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Testimonials for Peter Brooke

[lvca_testimonials per_line=”2″][lvca_testimonial author=”Michael Lodhi, CEO of, The Spectrum IFA Group”]“Peter is one of our most innovative advisers. He is highly qualified, professional and along with a number of our adviser team is helping to improve our already high level of personal service to our clients. Peter is also a member of Spectrum’s fund committee. This important role assists all the Spectrum adviser team by providing a due diligence service and model portfolios based on client’s attitude to risk.”[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”M&S G, St Maxime”]“We have found Peter to be patient, advisory and knowledgeable in all areas and especially helpful to us in our relocation to France. He provided valuable information regarding integration into the French system and we would have no problems in recommending Peter to anyone seeking financial security.”[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”TG, Nice”]“I met Peter in 2008 when my wife and I were planning to make a lifestyle change from international yachting to being permanently based on the French Riviera. Peter has helped us every step of the way from restructuring our portfolio to tax and retirement savings advice. He is extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy, and very personable and I have referred my colleagues, friends and family to him.”[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”JM, Nice.” credentials=”International Sales Manager HSBC Global Asset Management”]“Peter Brooke arranged all the financial aspects of the purchase of my home in Nice, finding the best options, putting them into place without a single hitch or delay, and providing advice and guidance on an ongoing basis since then. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a trustworthy one stop shop for financial advice.”[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”Victoria Westhead, Account Executive, Hansard Development Services”]“Peter demonstrates high work ethics and has a genuine ability to help his clients all the way along their financial journey, with 1 sole mission, to meet their “standard of life” objectives “à la fin”[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”AG, Select Charter Services”]“I have recommended Peter to several clients and colleagues, and he has always delivered!”[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”SR, France”]“Peter provides innovative financial solutions for personal and corporate requirements. His recommendations for financial investments are well balanced in terms of the risk – reward scenario. The products that Peter promotes are from well known financial institutions with a solid track record. Peter’s attention to detail is first class and his portfolio management is exemplary.”[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”JL, Owner, Select Charter Services”]“Peter has provided a complete and comprehensive service to many of my clients. He is attentive and reliable. I would not hesitate to recommend him.”[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”DB, Owner, Totally Property Group”]“Peter has shown a high level of professionalism when dealing with our clients, many who are buying property in a foreign country for the first time. Peter’s manner and empathy with his clients builds an instant rapport and his ability to explain complex financial plans easily and frankly has helped my company close a good percentage of deals.”[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”EW, Nice”]“I would recommend Peter Brooke without hesitation to anyone looking for financial advice. He is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. Without his expertise, I would have given up on the process 10 times. If you need someone to trust with your finance, you can safely place your trust in Peter Brooke.”[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”PB, Valbonne”]“A great guy to know when exploring the unfamiliar territory of expat financial services”[/lvca_testimonial][/lvca_testimonials]