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Pilot Loss of Licence Insurance – Living in Spain

Unlike most professions, after years of training to be a pilot you are reliant on being able to ‘hold’ your Pilots Licence to work. If you were to somehow lose this through a medical condition, an accident or some other illness, it is very difficult to switch to another profession unlike other jobs, where these ailments may not impact upon your role as much, if at all. You are therefore looking at losing that income for the rest of your life.

More and more Pilots or Trainee Pilots are making sure they have Loss of Licence insurance should the worst eventuality happen. This is where you insure yourself for a set amount should the worst happen. What they are finding is that it isn’t always easy to get a quote and the terms and conditions quickly or easily. We can at Spectrum give almost instant quotes (during work hours) on Loss of Licence Insurance (depending on your circumstances) to Pilots or those training to become one by sending us the below information:

If you reside in Spain, and would like to receive a quote and/or information please fill in the below details and we will be happy to send this too you. We also help Pilots plan for their future including saving for their children’s education, saving for retirement and making sure you are organised in having the correct Wills and are Tax efficient, something very important living here in Spain.

If you have any further questions relating to insurance issues as a Pilot, or any other financial questions including the other areas we advise Pilots on, such as saving for retirement or making your money work tax efficiently, please don’t hesitate to contact Chris on Tel: Office; 34 936652828 or Mobile; 34 689915730 or email