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Scottish Independence: A major faultline exposed in the UK?

By David Hattersley
This article is published on: 15th September 2014

Whatever the outcome of the referendum on September 18th, the willingness of people to take risks to free themselves from Centralised Government (ie. in this case, Westminster) has exposed the growing dissatisfaction with large centrally controlled government. This would still apply to the UK, even without Scotland. No doubt there will be intense negotiations over the coming months in relation to the outcome of the referendum.

With the UK elections due soon, this could give rise to the same dissatisfaction in the UK, particularly if it is seen that the Scots get greater freedom. As a result, the UKIP could gain some seats based on their anti-EU stance, or there could be a change in the balance of power in key seats. The potential then arises of a coalition, but how will that be formatted? Will there then be a referendum on an exit from the EU?

So, where does this leave investors? The UK has been seen as a “safe haven“ for investors and this is bound to change, at the very least just in perception. Markets do not like uncertainty and this inevitably leads to greater volatility. Currency, bonds, gilts, property and equities will all be affected.

A globally diversified portfolio, in a wide range of asset classes, will help spread the risk compared to a UK-biased selection. This is where Independent International Financial Advice is vital! Protection of wealth can only be achieved where all asset classes are considered as part of a portfolio.

Article by David Hattersley

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