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Are you domicile or non-domicile?

By Mark Quinn
This article is published on: 16th June 2022

Domicile is often confused with residence, but it is quite distinct

The law of domicile is highly complex and has wide-ranging consequences on an individual’s tax position, as the recent furore surrounding Akshata Murty illustrates, but for most British nationals here in Portugal, domicile is a key factor for UK Inheritance Tax (IHT).

Individuals only have one domicile at a time and a very loose definition is ‘where you have a permanent home’. In my experience, this is often misunderstood and individuals who thought they were ‘definitely non-UK domiciled’ after living in Portugal for several years learn that in fact, they are very much still UK domiciled.

The are several types of domicile, namely ‘Origin’, ‘Choice’, ‘Dependence’ and ‘Deemed’ but here I will focus on the first two. Firstly, ‘Origin’. This is acquired at birth, usually from your father (or your mother if they were not married at the time of your birth). This is never fully lost but can be suspended by acquiring a new domicile of choice, but it is adhesive and will revive if the new domicile is lost.

Acquiring a domicile of choice involves forming a clear and fixed intention for a new country to be your permanent home, and therefore actually requires permanent residence.

Being non-UK domiciled is highly advantageous for UK IHT
The worldwide estates of UK domiciles are assessed for IHT in the UK, even if you live elsewhere. For non-UK domiciles, generally only UK based assets are assessed. It is worth noting here, that assets that derive their value from the UK but are held elsewhere e.g. company shares, will be deemed to be UK assets.

Shedding UK domicile is tricky
The burden of proof lies with the person claiming the change and the standard is particularly onerous. There is no checklist and your circumstances are looked at as a whole. Some factors that might be considered are family and business ties, location of friends and social interests, location of assets, acquisition of citizenship or languages spoken.

The adhesive nature of domicile is highlighted by Richard Burton’s failed attempt to change his domicile, which resulted in an IHT bill of £2.4m. Despite him living in Switzerland for 26 years, structuring his assets appropriately and subsequently dying there, the revenue was successful in arguing that his ‘mind and heart’ still remained in Wales. Their evidence being his choice to have the Welsh flag draped over his coffin and being buried with a book of Dylan Thomas poems. As you can see, what can be considered is very broad.

Non-domiciles by choice with a UK domicile of origin must be very careful with return visits to the UK, especially if they have a second home there. If they die as UK tax resident (by exceeding their day count) and were also deemed UK tax resident in one of the two preceding tax years, they are automatically deemed UK domiciled and their worldwide estate is subject to IHT.

A new domicile is retained until the new country is permanently abandoned, but unless another one is acquired immediately, your UK domicile of origin will revert automatically – even if you never set foot in the UK again.

Mixed domiciled couples must be careful. Normally assets passing between spouses are IHT exempt, but assets passing from a UK- domicile to a non-UK domiciled spouse are only exempt up to £325,000 unless they elect to be treated as UK domiciled for IHT purposes. This has a knock-on effect on their subsequent death. Usually, any challenge will come after your death, and it is up to your personal representatives to prove your intentions in life and gather evidence – which may not be possible, so you must ensure your record-keeping and evidence is strong.

Article by Mark Quinn

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