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Reviews for Charles Hutchinson

Can we take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for your unfailing effort to make sure our affairs are well taken care of. Sadly, in today’s society, thanking someone for good service is a thing of the past, it seems complaining is so much easier. Getting old makes us so much more vulnerable and times are changing so quickly that often it is easy to ignore things rather than being a bother to anyone.
Charles, you are a very rare commodity, at no time have you made us feel that we are a nuisance and always we are completely satisfied with your efforts to reassure us both and give us the right advice.
We can with complete confidence recommend you to anyone knowing that you are always going to give them the same care and attention that you have given Alan and myself. Your discretion and professionalism is always apparent. You can use us at any time as a reference of your abilities

Rosemary & Alan Moore, Torre del Mar,

In our financial dealings with Charles we have always valued his advice. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and keeps us up to date with our financial affairs. Charles is also a charming man and completely trustworthy.
We have complete confidence in him.

John and Beth Tarrant, Estepona,

I have known Charles Hutchinson for over 20 years.I moved to Spain in 2000 having sold my business,I contacted all the financial advisors around at the time and Charles was the only one who gave me satisfactory answers regarding moving from the UK tax system to the Spanish tax regime ,loan notes and investment options. Since then I have regularly sought his expert financial advic , he is a man of high integrity and is highly trustworthy. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

Michael Champion, Exeter, England,

Having known you for a number of years before even contemplating investing, I got to know you as a genuine person who was liked and respected. As I got to know you better and realized what you did for a living, people told me you were an honest financial adviser with good knowledge and integrity. After a while I invited you to my home to discuss the possibility of making an investment which depended on what you had to say and how you answered my questions. I was impressed with the thoroughness of your answers explaining in detail every question I asked. We even discussed how the markets can fluctuate, some times by a little and some times by a considerable amount. Take for example the sub prime loan 2008 crash with the high risk mortgage loans which you took the time to explain to me. In conclusion I have every confidence in you and hope to see you in the not too distant future.

B.W., Estepona,

I have known Charles for some time in his capacity as my financial adviser. The advice he has given me is always sound and accurate, as his depth of knowledge comes from years of experience is his field. A good and honest friend. I wish I had met him sooner!

Cross, Alhaurin,

I am delighted to be able to put on record, that the feelings of trust and confidence I first had on meeting Charles Hutchinson, have actually increased over the past 20 years of our dealings and I would not hesitate to recomend him to anyone looking for financial advice and, especially those, like myself, who are in-experienced or beginners as it were. I am particulary grateful to Charles that he takes time and effort to explain what he thinks should be done so that there is no room for doubt or misunderstandings and also that he is always available to patiently answer the queries that inevitably do occur!

Virginia Duncan de Sáez, Fuengirola,

Thank you so much for guiding me through my investments which you explained to me in great detail & very professionally, leaving me no doubt I’ve done the right thing. I also want to thank you for your patience, as I realise as a layman I asked so very many questions which you took me through so patiently….I never felt rushed or stupid! It is great knowing you are there to help resolve any queries I may have, thank you again Charles

A. Armandias, Estepona,

Several years ago I chose to novate some existing investments to Charles Hutchinson, and to date he has wisely invested the funds with reduced fees also. This prompted me to use CH for a further investment which I am also happy with. He works with due diligence and honesty.

C.G. Neighbour, Estepona,

Charles Hutchinson has been an excellent financial advisor to me and able to help in a very professional way for all my demanding needs, including investment strategy, taxation advice, and future planning. So much so he has also become a good friend over the many years I have known him! I would not hesitate to recommend him for anything financial.

Philip Langley – Owner PLC Advertising, Media and Marketing,

Charles Hutchinson started managing my investments eight years ago when I moved to Spain. He made sense of my portfolio by spreading my investments safely and wisely. I have the utmost confidence in his abilities and would not hesitate to recommend him.

I.T.B. Marbella,

I was fortunate to find Charles 4 years ago to help me prepare for retirement in Spain. By making some prudent investment choices, following Charles’ recommendations, I am pleased to see that my investment capital continues to grow in line with his performance estimates. All Charles’ advice regarding investment bonds and pension options has been in conformity with Spanish regulations, and with well established financial companies. I have no hesitation in recommending Charles, and the Spectrum IFA Group as a whole, to help guide you through the complexities of international finance in Europe.

I. Bennett, Cáceres (Extremadura),

I can highly recommend Charles Hutchinson at Spectrum. He will evaluate your options and provide professional and experienced advice having carried out a full appraisal. Charles has many years of experience in working with expats on the Coast. Its not easy to find reputable advisors on the Costa del Sol – so its worthwhile contacting Charles.

S.W., Marbella,

I have been very happy with your administration of my pension fund through the auspices of Spectrum. I have been particularly happy with the relationship we have had with my interest in the markets, as you know since my retirement I have taken a great interest in my investments, when I have asked for your views you have given me good and honest advice on where and how to put them into action – invaluable as my knowledge of individual funds has been pretty minimal.I think our cooperation on this has been invaluable. I have and still do recommend you to my friends without any ifs and buts, particularly being able to discuss potential change with you over a quiet ale or two.

J. Binns, Estepona,

Charles was recommended to me a few years ago when my husband died & I needed advice on how to make my savings grow. Charles was brilliant ,he came to my apartment & we discussed various options. I was very pleased with his advice & invested my savings with his firm. My fund has performed well over the years & Charles still helps me with advice, only recently recommending I change part of my fund to a better performing one. He is professional ,businesslike but very easy to talk to about your money. I thoroughly recommend him to anyone ,be it a small investor like myself or one with a larger pot.

S. Greenhalgh, Torrox Costa, Client

We have been dealing with Spectrum IFA Group (Charles Hutchinson) for over five years and we have found him very honourable and helpful with our investments and would highly recommend his services.

B & K. O’D, Arroyo de Miel,

I’ve known Charles Hutchinson for over 20 years A very fair and honest person. The first time we met was when he came into my second-hand bookshop and gave me 2,000 pts for a book priced at 600 pts, saying that was too little. Since then, he’s become a kind, supportive friend. He is always good humoured, very charitable to people in need, patient and highly principled. I highly recommend him as someone to trust.

Sonia Longman, Estepona,

Charles has taken care of my Pension Portfolio for the past ten years and has always provided sound advice which has been much appreciated in difficult times, I would highly recommend his services.

David Francis, U.K.,

I would be happy to recommend the advice of Charles Hutchinson to anybody interested in investments. I felt he reassured me and explained in great detail the Fund he recommended to suit my personal needs. He patiently went through everything with me until I understood exactly every detail of the Fund.

I am a cautious investor but am happy with the investment Charles has recommended.

Audrey Shakesheff, San Pedro de Alcantara,