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Reviews for Chris Burke

It might seem obvious to some, but when it comes to the genuine benefits of having a financial adviser, many people are still in the dark. Some people hold certain ideas or common misconceptions, which hinder them from receiving valuable advice and help with managing their financial life. Namely, people struggle to trust someone else with their money and they believe they will have to pay the financial adviser for their services.

Jannah Britt-Green,

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His professionalism.
He seems to have answers to anything thrown at him and understands what I need

His personality (ease of dealing with).
Very personable and not pushy which is key when you’re dealing with money and investments Would you refer him?
Yes and already have

His strengths.
See above with respect to his understanding of the products available, his structured approach to explaining what you might want, and general easy going personality

The area he helped you.
I had closed down a Blevins contract that I had in Luxembourg and wanted to invest some of it elsewhere as I wasn’t happy with their performance over the last 10 years. We’d been chatting at one of the lunches and without being overbearing suggested I take a look at the PRU options. I did and he came up to France to explain everything to myself and Rosy

Specifics that he did for you.
following the above meeting we went ahead and invested in balanced portfolio (I’m no great risk taker when it comes to dosh) and he ensured I optimised the initial investment

Who do you think would benefit from working with him?
I would imagine anyone in my position…retired with some spare cash to invest. Without knowing what else Spectrum can do other than what I have invested in then I’m not sure

If anyone wasn’t sure about working with him what would you say to them?
Give him a chance and have a meeting. You have nothing to lose except preconceptions

Any other areas you wish to comment on?
Not really…so far the investment has done well after the first 6 months so I’m happy

Peter Spencer,

Mr. Chris Burke has been working on my financial planning since June 2013, he has become my main financial planner guiding me through the maze of the Spanish Tax changes which happened the end of 2012, I have found him to be very competent and approachable, without being overzealous.

Chris has given me every opportunity to choose the level of risk which suits my particular situation, as well as not being tied to specific Funds.

Chris is relaxed while maintaining a controlled positive approach to business

Anyone who is unsure of their pension or investment status in Spain would benefit from a consultation with Chris, and I would recommend they get in touch with him without delay.

I have found Chris to be suitably direct without being over powering, the level of contact by telephone and electronic mail has worked very well for me, and face to face meetings have been arranged around my personal circumstances and work schedule.

Chris has been particularly helpful, advising me of my rights and assisting in releasing funds which were locked into a Pension Plan, they were producing less than the rate of inflation; my investment is now achieving an anticipated and acceptable rate of growth.

If anyone wasn’t sure about working with Chris I would say it will cost nothing to have a consultation, I was recommended by someone who had a good experience with this company, and I would be glad to recommend Chris to anyone, who was as skeptical as me at the onset of our business relationship.

Mr. R Boyd, Maersk Drilling

In a world of pension advice where it is uncertain of who to trust – Chris is someone who immediately makes me think – “I can … I do … trust him.” This is a big step to take when you hold your whole past earnings and efforts to say – “I am prepared to hand it over to “X”.

Chris is someone who listens carefully, who explores what is your history without an agenda other than what is best for you. He is a sincere, talented professional who wants to make your life better. At no time in my relationship with Chris did I feel that he was looking for a personal gain – rather I felt that he always had my needs first in mind.

He is a true professional in my mind. He is someone who knows, who cares and who executes.

Chris demonstrates a high level of knowledge and competence. What I also appreciate is that when he needs to find additional information to answer a question – he is open to this and has a network to access and find a response even when it is perhaps outside of his expertise. I love this – humility and honesty.

There is nothing that Chris will say “no” to … with such a wonderful positive mind and a collaborative way of working that allows him to not only demonstrate his own strong technical skills but to also leverage those of others.

Chris is a delight to work with. He is very client focused, with great integrity and not at all “pushy”. He is a gem of respectfulness for others coupled with great tenacity and follow through. I would never have made the move forward with my pension plan without Chris. He is a true partner. I trust him. He is easy to talk with – gentle, kind, people focused rather than “me” focused. He is a caring person and integrates this with finesse in what is best for business.

I would 100% recommend Chris to others. I only wish I knew more people who I could put in contact with Chris to benefit from his advice, recommendations and follow up.

There are probably many people like me out there who are – lazy, who haven’t got a clue about what pensions they have – who don’t know what their pensions– what they doing with their pensions. Maybe they are not even lazy (I am being too hard on myself) but they are harassed, with little time to think about anything never mind pensions – tomorrow – it will be OK. They are thinking can I be bothered???? That was me! However, Chris will make everything easy … so easy it is not true. It does matter. You have worked hard. You have given life and soul to something which somewhere is valued in pounds and euros or other currency calculated – why not have someone like Chris who I feel is more a friend and cares about me help sort out the complexity of world and make it simple?

Mrs. D Quiery, Director Seven Rocks Consulting