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Financial Update France January 2024

By Katriona Murray-Platon
This article is published on: 8th January 2024

The new year is a great time for setting goals and making resolutions. I read that, according to a recent survey, saving money was the most popular resolution (after losing weight)!

Saving money is a very important habit to have throughout your life. The great thing is that it is never too late or early to start saving and you don’t need to put aside a lot. Just like it is not a good idea to do fad diets but more to make manageable improvements to your lifestyle, it is better not to make too ambitious savings plans but to put aside small regular amounts that build up over time.

The French standard savings accounts are currently earning 3% which will remain as such until the beginning of 2025. You are allowed to put €22,950 of capital into a Livret A and €12,000 into a LDDS. Once you have reached these limits you cannot put any more into it but the interest compounded over the years can be added to these amounts. The LEP is the highest remunerated savings account, currently at 6%, however if you are eligible for this account you should take advantage of this rate as soon as you can as it may drop to 4.2% on 1st February. If you are eligible you can have 2 LEP accounts per household and can put up to €10,000 of capital into it. To be eligible one person alone must not have earned more than €21,393 in 2022 as declared in 2023. Your bank will not automatically suggest that you open this account so it is for you to check whether you are eligible and request to open a LEP. There are other savings accounts and term accounts that the banks may offer but the rates on these are around 3% and unlike the above mentioned accounts, they will be subject to tax and social charges.

Financial update France

Whilst we don’t know how the market will react to various events and political developments in 2024, fixed income assets could continue to provide good earnings this year. Our investment providers have seen good steady returns in 2023 in their more cautious funds. Whilst savings and fixed interest assets are good to have, it is also important to have some equity based investments. According to a Credit Suisse study published in February 2023, the actual annualised return (after inflation) on the savings accounts in France was -0.8% per year between 1923 and 2022, compared with +6.1% from shares.

On the 15th January, if you have had home help expenses (cleaner, gardener etc) you will get 60% of this tax credit paid to you. The remainder will be taken off your taxes in September.

I will be attending our annual conference in Budapest from 22nd to 26th of January and will have lots of information to pass onto you when I hear the presentations from our product providers. Also coming in my February Ezine will be the news from the adopted French Finance law for 2024.

It is never too late or too early to financial planning so do get in touch and recommend your friends to get in touch with me for a free financial consultation.

Article by Katriona Murray-Platon

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