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Introducing your Client Portal

By Peter Brooke
This article is published on: 5th October 2023


What is the Cash Calc Secure Client Portal?

Cash Calc was launched back in 2014 by a UK IFA who was unimpressed with the digital tools available to our industry. It was initially launched as a Cash Flow Planning Calculator – more on this later, but has developed into a broad suite of great tools for advisers like me and their clients.

“seek first to understand, then to be understood”

In order to best advise my existing and future clients I need a full picture of their current situation and an understanding of their objectives, aspirations and goals – we rather boringly call this ‘fact finding’… though it is not all just facts!

A recent addition to the Cash Calc tools is the ability for my clients to complete or update their own fact find in their own time from the comfort of their own homes via the Client Portal, if they want to. It is totally secure and can be updated as little or as often as necessary.

We can also use the portal for the secure sharing of documents, like investment statements, passports, utility bills etc AND for secure two way messaging.

For those who prefer not to use this service, please don’t worry, I will still use it as a data storage tool but will manage the access and information myself.

Please check out this video for more:

Hop Onboard

If you are already ‘onboarded’ and have your Portal login details please do have another look and send me a quick message (top right corner of the screen) to say hi and confirm it is all working OK.

Some of my existing clients have stated a preference to have their quarterly investment statements shared via the portal as a more secure option than email – please don’t hesitate to let me know if you prefer this too?

If you are not yet ‘onboarded’ please don’t worry, as part of our review process I will be sending you a personalised ‘secure invitation’ to the portal to set it all up; it is very easy.

Of course, if you just can’t wait please drop me a line and I will send your personalised login details immediately.

cashcalc onboarding

Cash Flow Financial Modelling Tool

As mentioned above Cash Calc started as a ‘Cash Flow Planning Calculator’ and though it is now so much more, this remains one of the most powerful and useful tools for creating truly personalised financial plans.

Using the ‘fact find’ data you provide in the portal I can create multiple bespoke cash flow plans to look at various scenarios and forecast how your financial situation will evolve over time.

“can I afford to retire now?”
“can we pay for our daughter’s wedding?”
“can we fund our Grandchildren’s education?”

We can see graphically where you are today and what changes, tweaks or decisions need to be made to ensure you will be ok long into the future.


Why I love it…

  • Its not time critical – you can upload and enter your details in your own time, at your own pace
  • Totally Secure – bank level encryption, customised for the Spectrum IFA Group
  • Simple interface between us for sharing of documents, messages and, most importantly, for uploading up-to-date financial information
  • I am notified as you make changes to your profile
  • ‘Virtual’ Modelling tool with scenario based examples
  • Very Visual – it’s easy to see how changes will directly impact your situation as we tweak your plans
  • Digitally and securely accept and sign-off on a range of documents
  • Quarterly Financial statements can also be shared here instead of emailed

….. oh, and it has a load of other great tools we can use too…..

Article by Peter Brooke

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