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Le Tour de Finance visits Italy

By Gareth Horsfall
This article is published on: 30th October 2023

I am back in the office after Le Tour de Finance dates last week in Abruzzo and Marche…..and I learned something interesting from the people that came along!

It was great to be getting out of the office again and going and touring the country with our financial experts. I have to admit that the organisation of the events is a bit stressful: finding and negotiating with the venue, finding the right people to come and speak and then dealing with the logistics over the 2 days. But, in the end, it is not just good for work, but I really enjoy being able to be to be out and about, visit new parts of Italy and meet new people and speak with old, alike.

These Le Tour de Finance events were all about the ladies!

I had deliberately invited only female speakers to get another perspective on the world of finance this time and although I can’t exactly put my finger on what was different, the atmosphere was different in some way. Exactly what I can’t say, but something for sure. So, I will put that down as a success!

I did mention above that I learned something from the people that came along. There was a difference in the focus of people’s attention this time. Normally it has been primarily focussed on Italian taxation and the financial planning in Italy, but this time the majority of the questions and queries during the talk and after over lunch, were centered around the investment markets and the future outlook for investors. I guess that shouldn’t have taken me by surprise given the state of world geopolitics, but it was interesting to note and helps me to focus in these E-zines and my other articles.

However, this E.zine is not designed to provide you with a long interpretation of what was said on the day. Instead I managed to find the time to interview the speakers and here are the videos, in full.

If you also have questions about financial markets, investing and how world geopolitical events affect your money then you might find the interview with Joy Callender and Lorraine Reddaway from RBC Brewin Dolphin very interesting. We have inserted some slides into the videos which provide visual aids to what we are saying.

First interview with RBC Brewin Dolphin asset managers.

Second interview with Stefania Falcone at Currencies Direct where we have a chat about exchanging currencies and the difference between them and Wise.

And the last video with Judith Ruddock of Studio del Gaizo Picchioni where we talk about the Agenzia delle Entrate, common tax mistakes for residents of Italy and what to watch out for.

Article by Gareth Horsfall

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