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Memories are made of this

By David Hattersley
This article is published on: 12th March 2024

Thank you Deano, glass of wine in one hand and that mellow voice. Don’t worry this older, hopefully wiser Financial Adviser is a bit like that glass of wine, it mellows. Without a doubt, there have been immense changes in both my industry and life.

I started in the industry in 1987,at a time of rapid change. Privatisation, deregulation, right to buy, the “Big Bang” in the City, personal pensions, PEP’s, ISA’s, etc.

Changes in other fields occurred eg. traditional Optical Practices were challenged by a retail outlet offering a greater range of inexpensive glasses. It is now a global brand company. If you can’t read this, you should have gone to ……… !!! Many non Ophthalmic opticians came to own their own franchises and prospered. I dealt with quite a few.

Technology was advancing rapidly. Remember the 1st so called mobile phones? Massive batteries- if you tried to take it on board a plane as hand baggage today a budget airline would say too heavy, and charge you for hold luggage.

My 1st lap Toshiba laptop was used to provide illustrations. The games, awesome! Ping pong and zapping those little creatures coming down from the top. Microsoft was starting to lift off. Search engines were becoming available – eg “Ask Jeeves”.

Papers were full of financial news and even ”the Sun” had a page. No br…ts on that page! There was “Spitting Image” with a fair portrayal of some sectors of the press. A former CEO of a major financial services company told me that he ignored the “daily’s”, and only read the weekly addition of the FT on Saturday. The devils in the detail, so a “fad” can be created by misinformation & lack of due diligence. An example of a “fad” was the Dotcom crash, with “mates in the pub” telling their friends how much they had made. Basic fundamentals were not considered, greed came to the fore. I advised my clients not to purchase these assets, was ignored by one client and sadly he lost money. I experienced other so called opportunities where my advice was ignored and money was lost.

It wasn’t only with individuals where mistakes were made. Less regulated mortgage lending along with Lawson’s last budget in 1998 stopped additional mortgage tax relief to each single unmarried couple. House prices continued to rise in what was already a bubble, but slowed in 1989 and began falling. Then ERM. That crash lead to negative equity and a recession,& the demise of the Major government.

Then Blair was in charge. Cool Britannia, the fall of the Soviet Union, continuing Globalisation, 9/11, and subsequent wars. The banking crisis of 2007, resulted in chaos. Relaxation of regulations, greed, lack of understanding, due diligence and negligence were major contributory factors.

Quantitative Easing was introduced 2008 -2012 leading to a reduction in interest rates. It did not prevent recessions in many parts of the world, but gradually economies began to recover.

The last 4-5 years have been challenging, Covid, war in Ukraine, Gaza, slowdown of growth in China, politics dividing countries, Brexit, looming recession in some countries. It may seem that its never ending but these things are cyclical. It doesn’t matter where the recession is, there is always someone that benefits from it. Warren Buffets quote “When everybody’s being greedy, be fearful, when everybody’s being fearful be greedy”! Apply that to the many of examples I’ve already mentioned this quote certainly rings true.

What I do is simple, nothing has changed the process. Better regulation makes it more complex and detailed, but is that a bad thing? I don’t think so. My role is to understand clients objectives, and help them navigate the complexities. Levels of risk/reward need to be considered. Annual reviews continue the process taking into account any potential changes. Dealing with an ageing population needs compassion, understanding and patience.

Looking back, nothing really changes in my chosen field, life does not follow a straight line and is often unpredictable. Investment should always be based on the long term, short term knee jerk reactions should be avoided. I still love what I do after all these years, it’s in my blood, so please feel free to contact me to arrange a no obligation meeting over coffee.

Article by David Hattersley

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