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Recommendations from our Clients

Finding a Financial Adviser in Europe that you can be sure is working in your best interests can be difficult.  Whilst our advisers are regulated, qualified and experienced it is often helpful to have recommendations from other clients.  Here are a few of the recommendations we have received from clients and other professionals we work with.

We were told about Graham be a friend and we found him very charming, very professional and thorough. We can only say that we have been delighted with his advice and the work that he has carried out for us and the professional manner in which this was done. We have absolutely no doubt that we are in safe hands and cannot recommend him highly enough. Brittany

I was still working when I first met Graham, but wanted to put my affairs in order before retiring. Graham did a first-class job, including getting my tax affairs sorted out. He also set up long-term investments which I can now draw an income from. He has a relaxed style, but I know he takes his job very seriously and is always available to explain things and answer questions. I have no hesitation at all in recommending him. Abbeville

I met Graham 3 years ago. With some money invested in the UK but very little income, I had been searching for a solution in vain. Graham totally redesigned my investments and changed my life beyond belief. I can now afford to do all the things I want to do. Graham keeps in touch on a regular basis and continues to be very helpful with his sound advice on changes in legislation that might affect my investments, for which I’m very grateful! I wish him well. Brittany

I should like to take this opportunity to wholly endorse the professional service provided by Graham Keysell. To say that Graham provides a service ‘above and beyond the call of duty’ would probably be an understatement! Ever since I met him, he has helped me with so many things, not least smoothing my transition to France. He is extremely competent and is invariably available to help me with any number of queries and guide me through some very complex issues. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his services. Avignon

Prior to Graham being appointed my financial advisor, I had a succession of “advisors” who seemed only to want me to invest as much of my financial reserves as possible. Thereafter, I heard nothing further from them. Since Graham took over my portfolios some 12 years ago, he has given me sound advice, guiding me to change the investment plan as and when it was to my advantage – and monitoring my investments so as to keep me regularly informed. We meet for lunch several times a year – and our conversations are a pleasant interlude on a purely social level. I recommend Graham as the perfect person to be entrusted to provide sound investment advice. Paris

I have been very impressed with the help given to us by Daphne, who has always been very knowledgable, helpful and courteous, and patient when it took time to explain potentially complicated matters. Her assistance was a big factor in our decision to use Spectrum as our IFA. Since helping us take out our QROPS and other financial investments she has continued to provide outstanding service.

I have already recommended Daphne to others looking for financial assistance, and would be happy to do so again, and look forward to a long and successful working relationship with Daphne and Spectrum.

Stephen Hartley

Throughout our discussions your service and attention to detail have been exemplary. The investment options were all very clearly explained and at no point did I feel pressured to make any decision. I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone considering their investments and financial future.
Best regards, Derek James

Anyone who is looking for a financial planner should seriously consider contacting David Hattersley. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to David about 7 months ago when my wife and I were looking for the right person who could review and advise us on updating our finances. David visited us in our home and throughout his visit I was impressed by his financial knowledge and suggestions. This gave me the confidence to follow his advice and I now regard David as a trusted friend. I will continue to involve David in any future decisions regarding our finances.
Fred L Costa Blanca

Jonathan Goodman has always been a reliable and totally trustworthy advisor to me. He has always understood my own specific requirements and offered me the best options to fullfill them. He recognises my personal obtuseness, financially speaking, and patiently and charmingly explains the possibilities to me. It is simply a pleasure to meet with him and know that he has my best interests at heart.


John Hayward – We spoke to over a dozen IFAs before choosing to trust John with our QROPS. We went with John because he was open, honest and straightforward and are pleased to say that he still follows up any other concerns long after the schemes were set up

J.W. (Javea)


Dear Craig, Thank you for your good wishes for 2014 and I would like to wish you and all your family the very best of good wishes for a healthy, happy & prosperous 2014. A big thank you to Craig Welsh’s caring and thoughtful presentation, it was like welcoming a new and trustful friend into my home. My ‘Financial Planning Report’ was professionally written and presented with much thought to my personal situation. Importantly, for me, at no time did I feel under pressure from Craig who was, at all times both considerate and supportive and even when my situation changed – continued to be so!

With kind regards, Maria


Hi Tom, Thank you very much and pardon the late reply. I’m setting camp in Abu Dhabi and haven’t yet got an Internet connection. It’s all great news. You’ve done an outstanding job and I thank you. I’m looking forward to a meeting with you, so we can discuss this and future investments. I’ll be coming to the island by mid December, I hope. I’ll let you know. Thanks for keeping me posted. It’s wonderful to deal with good professionals like you.
All the best and stay in touch.


Too often we only put pen to paper to complain, but I’m a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due, hence this e-mail: I’m writing to let you know that David O’Donoghue is a particularly knowledgeable, friendly and service-minded financial planner. My wife and I have met and spoken with him on a number of occasions, and his professionalism has impressed us to the point where I thought this e-mail worthwhile.
I don’t send e-mails like this very often. Just thought I’d let you know.


John Hayward arranges excellent savings products, first-class advice and hands-on assistance, respecting your wishes and fears 100%

S.D. (Valencia)


“My Spectrum adviser has advised me on many aspects of financial planning, from life insurance through to seeking finance for a business project. At all times he has been thorough, made decisions in my best interests and in tune with my requirements.”


“This adviser is a rarity in his profession – a financial adviser you can trust, who takes a proactive approach to his clients’ personal cases.”


“When I first met my adviser I didn’t know what to be more impressed by: the fact that he had decided to move to Spain when he was already a successful financial adviser in the UK; or the fact that he succeeding yet again in doing so. Few people would be able to replicate his move. The curiosity that drove him to Spain is also evident in his work, an attribute rarely found in the financial world, particularly in those as experienced as him. He is also a very soft sell. He has advised me many times and only a few of those times has it been in his interest, and even then only in the long run. For these and many reasons I believe him to be a very trust-worthy person. I recommend him without hesitation. His combination of experience, curiosity and integrity are rare to find in the financial world.”


p>John Hayward – Hi John , since your involvement, this must be the first time in eight years that an investment of ours has actually made some money instead of losing it. Well done

P.H. (Alicante)


“I have known this Spectrum IFA Group adviser for 8 years. She is with out doubt the most dedicated, conscientious and knowledgeable financial adviser I have ever met. She applies the same dedication to both small and large investment clients and is a credit to her company and profession.”


“This is an inspiring professional. He always displays true dedication to his work and his clients, working tirelessly to provide the best possible service. He is innovative and helpful at all times, ready to share his expertise with his colleagues. A valued and valuable member of the Spectrum team.”


“This guy must be nuts because not only does he understand International tax, financial planning and markets, he actually enjoys it”


“Whilst at HSBC I presented client seminars with Spectrum advisers in Barcelona. It is clear that they have an excellent relationship with their clients due to their attentive and professional nature. The Barcelona Team has proved to be great ambassador for the Spectrum Group.”


“This Spectrum adviser offers invaluable ongoing advice for his clients and invests a lot of his time and energy in his investment research, which his clients are reaping the rewards from. It’s a pleasure assisting him meet his clients ongoing objectives.”

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