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Changing Your Address?

I have changed address, how do I notify my investment companies?

Different companies have different requirements on how to notify them of a change of address. We have given a summary here on how to proceed, including a form for notifying us at The Spectrum IFA Group.

If your change of address has resulted in you moving countries, please contact us by phone or email as you will need advice. The relevant tax authorities will need updating too.

In all cases, you will need a utility bill (not mobile phone only bill), a bank statement or a credit card statement. This document will need to be dated within the last three months and show your name and new address. Spectrum IFA Group can certify a couple for you once we have seen the original of the document.

To notify Spectrum of a change of address please contact me direct and add “Change of Address” in the Subject and your new address and the date of the move in the main email body.

Contact them on + 44 370 333 1500


Prudential form and your Proof of ID


SEB form and your Proof of ID


Please fill in this form, then get in touch with us and we will help you to organise it.


Email them this form and your Proof of ID or change online, if you have online access


Email them this form and your Proof of ID or change online, if you have online access


Send an email notification of your new address and your Proof of ID at


Send this form by email to Momentum










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