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Reading List

If you are truly interested in what you are doing, if you really want to be sure you are giving people the best possible advice, which I do, you have to stay up to date yet be able to still see the “Wood for the Trees”; the Big Picture as well as the detail. It is very fortunate if you are blessed with a sense of innate curiosity, as this makes this an easier and more fun task.

Here is my reading list of books, articles and blogs that I have found to be both interesting and useful. I hope that you will find them similarly useful.

However, any suggestions you may have for adding to this list, please send your suggestions to me with “Reading List” in the Subject Line:

The Chimp Paradox
Dr Steve Peters

Some books just make you go, Ah hah that is why it is happening. Still reading this book but I can see that Dr Peters method of calling part of our brain function as a Chimp makes something complex into something understandable. The tips he gives are incredibly useful and are already making me improve my work and personal life.

Stuart E. Lucas

Stuart is a member of a VERY wealthy American family whose ancestors started the Coronation Company. Whilst famous for its condensed milk, it had a string of products that are household names. After training and working with other Wealth Management companies, he later took on the role of managing the family wealth. His insight into how to manage wealth is therefore very enlightening.

The Seven Levels of Communication
Michael J Maher

Written as more of a story than a text book, the Seven Levels of Communication nevertheless gives good practical tips on communicating with your clients.

La Roja
A journey through Spanish Football
Jimmy Burns

I am very fortunate to have as a good friend, Michael Witty. His family were founders of Barcelona FC and they have been influential in the club for many years. Michael lent me his signed copy of this book. It is a good read because it is written by a man who is a journalist with a passion: Football. What surprised me is how much the game of football became the metaphorical political football during and after the civil war. La Roja puts football in context and is therefore also an interesting social history of Spain.

My Game and Yours
Arnold Palmer

Michael Witty, knowing how much I still need to improve my Golf, also lent me this book. Not surprisingly, it has helped although more practice is still needed to make some shots come more naturally.

The Singularity is Near
Ray KurzWeil

Knowing I have an interest in the next wave of technologies, driverless cars, 40 minute flights from UK to USA etc, a client recommended this tome to me. According to Kurzweil we are in the Fifth Epoch with the Merger of Human Technology with Human Intelligence (IE Artificial Inteligence). The Sixth Epoch is when it gets REALLY interesting. Epoch Six, The Universe Wakes up

The Complete Guide to Personal Habits
Conor Neill

Conor Neill runs the IESE Leaderships Communications courses for MBA and Executive MBAs. I have been to two of his lectures and he is impressive; practicing personally what he teaches professionally.

This article, properly entitled THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO PERSONAL HABITS: 158 POSITIVE REFLECTIONS IN 7 CATEGORIES TO BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF certainly makes you think. Just bullet points, but a really useful guide to moving forward with your life.










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